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Air Max Boy

Nikon d80 + Nikkor 85/1.8 + 2xflashgun

I took this photo as a profil photo on facebook. The first two comments were: „hipster!”. It looks like an objection…Is it? Hmm… »Read More

The Bow

Nikon d80 + Nikkor 85/1.8 + flashguns

Here, in Poland, we’ve got another name for Easter. We call it „the Great Night”, more precisely we say „the Greatnight”. Our country is catholic and a lot of people come to church with baskets with all kinds of food products. There are eggs, cottage cheese, horseradish, ham, sausage, candy, Easter eggs… »Read More

The girl on the kitchen chair

Nikon d80 + Nikkor 85/1.8 

In the picture you can see the girl. Girl is wearing red trousers and black strapped T-shirt. She is sitting on the kitchen chair (ash wood), probably, by the champion of the carpentry. The chair is very comfortable, so she could a bit sit for a while on it. It allowed for attempts with location of the lighting. I am total begginer, soo »Read More

Young Bussinesman

Nikon d80 + Nikkor 85/1.8D + Nissin Di622 + YN560

Meet this young man. He is wearing white formal shirt, has a tie around the neck, the rest of the dress are the brown chino pants and slippers. He is young and he doesn’t feel comfortable in a suit, soo…shirt and »Read More



Nikon d80 + Nikkor 85/1.8g


In the picture You can see a young man with classic pipe. He does not smoke. The pipe belonged to his grandfather. The cap to his father. Flanelle shirt and glasses are his own…beard too. Smoke is real, but he do not smoke, so it was A little problem for »Read More

LoL Player

Nikon d80 + Nikkor 85/1.8 + Nissin Di622 + YN-560

In the picture You can see boy. Boy has got headset Creative Fatal1ty and black-red flannele shirt. He propably play LoL. LoL is the most popular game in the world. All children in the world are crazy about Leauge of Legends. It is more popular, that CS 1.6, StarCraf, Youtube, Facebook, emails and Google I think… That is crazy »Read More

Adam Ostrowski – from the front.

 Nikon d80 + Nikkor 85/1.8D

     This is Adam Ostrowski, polish MC, producer and composer from Łódź. He is one of the most popular hip hop artist in Poland. He play solo »Read More

Lego Blue Truck

Nikon D80 + Nikkor 85/1.8 + Nissin Di622 + Yn-560

Today something new. Lego Technic Truck. This photo is a mix of 10 photos. Two flash-lamps run by photocell. YN-560 (S2 mode) with white translucent umbrella on left side(and right – by turns ) and a bit from above. Nissin Di622 (Slave mode) with homemade snot (rolled linoleum) moved around the truck. Nikon d80 and Nikkor 85/1.8 -> f/7, 1/100s, ISO160. Postprocessing in Photoshop. Mixed and a bit increased saturation and contrast. Improved black. It’s first time, with this type of photography for me. So if You have got any tips, leave Your comment.

Moustache bitch!

Nikon d80 + Nikkor 85/1.8D + Nissin Di622

test shots

Nikon d80 + Nikkor 85/1.8D + Nissin Di622
and colour:

Nikon d80 + Nikkor 85/1.8D + Nissin Di622