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Sony NEX 6 + Sony E 16-50mm f/3.5-5.6 OSS PZ

Hi, it was a long time when I didn’t have camera in my hands. I want to fix this situation, maybe… There is too little time for all things, what I want and need to do. Today I went for a walk with my dog and camera and I found  love, was in a grass. Just look at this two lovers:) I need to find my Raynox, maybe it can works with E16-50PZ or Canon FD 50/1.4?

Dragonfly is back

 Fuji s9500 + h/m diffuzer.

I’m wainting for comments:)

10^2 legs

Fuji s9500.


Nikon d80 + Nikkor 55-200/4-5.6 + Raynox DCR-250 + Nissin di622 + home-made diffuzer.

- 1/200s
- f/32
- ISO100
- flash + home made „something”



Nikon d80 + Nikkor 55-200/4-5.6 + Raynox DCR-250 + Nissin di622 + home-made diffuzer.

That is my first macro-photo this year… and I can promise, that not last:)

Easter breakfast :)

Fuji s9500 again.

Dragonfly again, during meal.

Happy Ester!

How to do: Auto Focus vs. Manual Focus

I know, ” AF is better!”… but sometimes AF sucks;) If U think „no, no, no…manual focus is not for me”, U have to try it.

Set focusing distance on x [cm], now look in the viewer in Your camera and move Your body (with camera in hand of course;)
 forward and back (with shuter buton presed in 1/2). When object in viewer is sharp pres buton stronger. It’s really good method. It’s easier take a sharp photo, and this metod is faster.  Often, AF can’t pip in good point, what is very important,  extremaly, in macro photography.

Remember, when U’re looking for camera for macro, U need manual settings of exposition and manual focus. Without this things will be hard…

Sunglasses? Summer’s comming!

Fuji Fuji s9500.
 On the picture dragonfly.

How to do: The black background

If U are total newbie, propably U’re thinking „how make black background in my photo” …Black is popular colour of BG in macrophotography and… it’s easy to do! U had to 2 keep tre rules:

1. SHORT TIME of shuter,  set about 1/200 or more in Your camera.
2. APERTURE, set aperture on  „10″ and more.
3. FLASH, use the flash lamp ( can be in-built ) during sesion.

The second plane can’t be good „illuminated” in short time, and flash lamp lighten first plane. Soo it’s really easy. Look on some my photo,  often I have blac bacground…Sometimes is absolutly randomly (in bad light conditions),  naturally sometimes I do it intencionaly.

Sorry for mistakes;) Every mistakes in language U can report in comments:)

THX for visit.

red eyes vol.2

Fuji s9500 + Raynox DCR-250