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Dragonfly is back

 Fuji s9500 + h/m diffuzer.

I’m wainting for comments:)

10^2 legs

Fuji s9500.

Easter breakfast :)

Fuji s9500 again.

Dragonfly again, during meal.

Happy Ester!

Sunglasses? Summer’s comming!

Fuji Fuji s9500.
 On the picture dragonfly.

red eyes vol.2

Fuji s9500 + Raynox DCR-250

red eyes

Fuji s9500 + Raynox DCR-250

Red Eyes Rediuction:  OFF


Fuji s9500 + Raynox DCR-250

How many sticks U can see?

Back to the macrophotography…from drawer -> from summer

From deep drawer.

Fuji s9500 + Raynox DCR-250

Looks like plastic toy, i think. Photo from summer. Now, behind window -15C – any dragonfly? NOT :/

Yellow like submarine…

Sumer gone:/ But I’ve got a lot of photos. During winter on this blog U can see other kind of pics… not only macrophotography.
If U have any tips about macrophotography, or U see faults in my photos, write me:)
Sorry for english;)

The beatles – Yellow submarine

Fuji s9500 + Raynox DCR-250

the helicopter

Fuji s9500 + Raynox DCR-250

I have new camera, Nikon d40. Presentation soon.

O.S.T.R – Po drodze do nieba