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Young Bussinesman

Nikon d80 + Nikkor 85/1.8D + Nissin Di622 + YN560

Meet this young man. He is wearing white formal shirt, has a tie around the neck, the rest of the dress are the brown chino pants and slippers. He is young and he doesn’t feel comfortable in a suit, soo…shirt and »Read More

Classic C

Nikon d80 + Nikor 85/1.8D + Nissin di622 + yn560II

This is more colourful version of the last photography. A just want to remind: SMOKING IS BAD FOR HEALTH AND CAUSES THE LUNG CANCER! So, find out something better to Your pipe…cheers!



Nikon d80 + Nikkor 85/1.8g


In the picture You can see a young man with classic pipe. He does not smoke. The pipe belonged to his grandfather. The cap to his father. Flanelle shirt and glasses are his own…beard too. Smoke is real, but he do not smoke, so it was A little problem for »Read More