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LoL Player

Nikon d80 + Nikkor 85/1.8 + Nissin Di622 + YN-560

In the picture You can see boy. Boy has got headset Creative Fatal1ty and black-red flannele shirt. He propably play LoL. LoL is the most popular game in the world. All children in the world are crazy about Leauge of Legends. It is more popular, that CS 1.6, StarCraf, Youtube, Facebook, emails and Google I think… That is crazy »Read More

Crank B.

Nikon d80 + Nikkor 85/1.8 + Nissin Di622 + YN560

In the picture You can see Crank Brothers Multi17. It is very nice bike multitool. Multi17 contains 17 (yes, not 5, not 10 and not 19…but You can buy Multi 19 too) tools, which you can need on the trail. Ther are a few standard hex wrenches (2, 2.5, 3, 4, 5, 6,and 8), two screwdrivers (flat and phillips), one torx (t-25), two open wrench (8mm and 10mm), spoke wrench (0, 1, 2 and 3) and what is the best for me chain tool. You can open and do the chain up, when you lost the chain link. Everything is very reliable,  6061-T6 aluminum steel and 6150 high tensile tools. Photo from 4 shots. Mixed, cropped and improved black in Photoshop. Nothing more.

Kochan ( Tabasko )

Nikon d80 + Nikkor 35/1.8

Kochan from Tabasko and DJ Haem in the background. Concert closing Tabask 2012 Tour. Eter Wroclaw.

Nikon d80 + Nikkor 35/1.8

Adam Ostrowski – from the front.

 Nikon d80 + Nikkor 85/1.8D

     This is Adam Ostrowski, polish MC, producer and composer from Łódź. He is one of the most popular hip hop artist in Poland. He play solo »Read More

Tabasko 2012 – Ostr – put Your hands in the air

Nikon d80 + Nikkor 35/1.8G

Tabasko again. Ostry and Kochan. See all concert photo-> find „concerts” on right panel


Tabasko 2012 – Ostr

Next one form Tabasko concert in Eter club in Wroclaw. I think it is my best photograph from this concert. There were heavy conditions for me and effect is, that »Read More


Nikon d80 + Nikkor 35/1.8

In last post I showed You some photographs from last concert, was held in a Ether (Wrocław). Tabasko Crew was there too, but »Read More

Natural Dread Killaz

 Nikon d80 + Nikkor 35/1.8

There was a concert of the Tabasko on December the fifteenth in the club Ether in Wroclaw. One of the support bands was Natural Dread Killaz. They appeared unexpectedly because they weren’t in the program. Are from Wroclaw, soo they just came. It was nice from their. Natural Dread Killaz is one of the most knowed reggae/dancehall  »Read More

The Girl in top.

Nikon d80 + Nikkor 35/1.8G

In the picture You can see the girl in top. Soo this is good reason why „the Girl in top” is a title of this photo. Top is nice thing, what girls »Read More

Winter sucks

Nikon d80 + Nikkor 35/1.8G

First few days, when the temperature is dropping below 0*C, are not this, what I like the most. I don’t like winter. Winter can be in TV, when I’m watching Winter Olimpic Games, or Adam Malysz (five years ago). On TV – OK, in the window – not. But »Read More