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And again…

Nikon D80 + Nikkor 35/1.8

Mela again

Nikon D80 + Nikkor 35/1.8

Second portrait with Mela, from the same day. It was about 8pm. soo in second part of August in Poland we have short days, maybe not short…but certainly not long;)  Even long times cant take me as lot of light as I want. Ps can help, but how much? Mela is young and, these are the first photographs for her. 


Post number 100, und 18k of showing a website. THX.

Toys for boys

I visited „Mistrzestwa Polski modeli samochodów o napędzie elektrycznym i spalinowym sterowanych raadiowo (RC) Jelcz-Laskowice 2011″ – Championships Polish RC Cars models (electric and fuel engine) Jelcz-Laskowice 2011 last weekend. I took a few photos.What did I learn?

- internal-combustion engine, 2x2x3cm cylinder
- even 3,5HP
- even 46k rpm
- even 140km/h
- special fuel
- 45minutes race with serwice like in F1 – tyres, fuel, minor repairs
If You know more about this event, say it by comment under photos:)

All photos by Nikon D80 + Nikkor 35/1.8 – really excellent set in my opinion.