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5th- Two friends…

4th flowers:)

The R.


What is this? It is the R. R is the best of letters for me. R is made from steel wire and paint white. R stay with one leg in wooden stick. In the bacground You can see Niwnik. Two houses constitute 1/15 part of village. That’a all. Deep story;)

Sunset – what a original subject;)

In the picture You can see sunset. I think, that sunset is one of the most trite motive in photography. Why? This is easy and looks good…ok, I don’t think that my sunset photography is beautiful. When I’m looking at this today, after 5 years, i think „what a crap!”. How to take sunset photo, like this one? Take Your compact camera, set „sunset program” if your camera has got it, and wait when sun will be half-hidden. Then You can place something in the frame, between sun and camera, or on the left/right side of sun. It looks interesting, even it is tree, house, car or something else. Then run Photoshop (or other Photofiltre) and try to make your sunset better. Contrast, saturation, brightness – experiment. It is easier that You think. Really. Your girlfriend, mother, grandma, aunt tell „Oh, what a beautiful picture! Here You have a sweet.” – profit;)

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The Barrel

Panasonic Lumix TZ3 + Raynox DCR-250

Every one know what is this, but some people pretend that they don’t know. They say „Drugs? No. My children? No, of course not. We are normal family. Drugs are not for normal people!”. I think, this is the hypocrisy…or they cheat oneself. There are drugs in normal houses today. But  Aren’t true evil in my opinion:D By the way, If You are parent…check eyes of your child sometimes;)